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RICHMOND AND REETH North Yorkshire Eng

Jewel of North Yorkshire. ---------- CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.

DSCN0934.JPGDSCN0931.JPGDSCN0932.JPGDSCN0928.JPGDSCN0927.JPGDSCN0925.JPGDSCN0924.JPGDSCN0923.JPGDSCN0922.JPGDSCN0921.JPGDSCN0920.JPGDSCN0919.JPGDSCN0918.JPGDSCN0917.JPGDSCN0916.JPGDSCN0933.JPGDSCN0913.JPGDSCN0915.JPGDSCN0914.JPGDSCN0911.JPGDSCN0909.JPGDSCN0910.JPGDSCN0908.JPGlarge_DSCN0910.JPG RICHMOND Market Place Yorkshire-----------------This year i have been on 16 day trips around North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria,in England.-----------Since 1970 the County of Yorkshire has been divided into North, West, South, East, and the City of York. Before 1970 it was divided into 3 Ridings and York. A Riding means a third, derived from the Danish word Thridding. Some areas went to neighbouring counties, but still Yorkshire is Englands largest County,with a boundary of over 600 miles. Yorkshire Locals call their County " Gods Own County ". The County Day is August the First.---------------------------The Day Trip was a train from York to Darlington about half an hour.,then a bus to Richmond . I"ve been to Richmond before so the hour i had was used to refresh my visit and partake of lovely Fish and Chips at Barkers Cafe. I walked round the lovely large cobbled Market Place and saw the Norman Castle. Richmond claims to be the Jewel of North Yorkshire. Founded by the Normans in 1071. The Church of Holy Trinity is now a Army Museum of The Green Howards.. There is a large Obelisk in the Market Place.-----------------------------------------Then i took the Little White Bus to Reeth, about 25 minutes. Reeth had been in the news in August because of a bad Flood , when a couple months rain fell in 2 hours. Torrents of water entered buildings and homes, with sludge and mud. I had not been to Reeth before. I discovered a pretty village with large hills all the way round it. Reeth is 11 miles from Richmond in Swaledale,North Yorkshire. Population is about 715. The buildings are from the 18th and 19th century ,around Reeth Green . There are 3 Pubs, the one i went in The Buck had a notice on the door saying that because of the flood there were no carpets on the lower floors.---------In ancient times there was Lead Mining around here. -- There is a small local museum in Reeth.--------------------------

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